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Knowledge, Energy, Integrity - it's what you look for in employees, it's what we demand in ourselves. At Bertram & Associates, Inc. our job is straightforward; it starts with finding one person, the right person, for your HR team and for your company.
It's hiring right!


Our Commitment

Employers demand exceptional commitment—from their own employees and from their outside business partners. At Bertram & Associates, Inc. we understand this simple yet often overlooked desire. When you engage us, you do not want broken promises; you want results. And we commit ourselves to providing the results you expect and deserve. Bertram & Associates, Inc. makes individual commitments to the larger group effort through our ongoing partnership—and together we make a commitment to excellence.

The five "R's" of our commitment:

  • Relationships - Your success begins with having talented and committed employees within your organization. Our goal is to find those talented and committed individuals. We start by developing a relationship with you, as a trusted advisor and business partner. Our success is based on building long-term relationships, not short-term transactional ones.
  • Responsiveness - Time is money and money is time. Today's business world is fast and furious. We understand the importance of your time and will commit our full attention to your needs. To help manage your expectations, Bertram & Associates, Inc. only accepts a limited number of engagements.
  • Research - Every search is unique and so are the demands of each company. To accommodate the uniqueness of each company and its needs, we provide individual attention to each search and company. We conduct comprehensive research on each assignment, tailored to meet those unique requirements. Our commitment is to find the right candidate for each position.
  • Reach - While many large and specialty firms often have "off limits" or "employer blockage" restrictions, we seldom have this issue. In fact, our business model actually limits this from occurring. This provides us with an advantage to thoroughly canvass the marketplace, providing access to the largest pool of talent available. We can go where others cannot.
  • Results - You can make all of the promises you want, but if you fail to deliver results, all you are left with are empty promises. For your business to succeed, you need to invest in your people, hiring the best of the best. We have a proven track record of delivering qualified and exceptional candidates—that's our commitment.

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