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Knowledge, Energy, Integrity - it's what you look for in employees, it's what we demand in ourselves. At Bertram & Associates, Inc. our job is straightforward; it starts with finding one person, the right person, for your HR team and for your company.
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Our Process Overview

Engagement and Initiation: The first step is a conversation about engaging Bertram & Associates, Inc. to provide executive search services to an employer. Once the scope of the services being enlisted have been generally agreed upon by both parties, a contract is initiated. After both parties finalize the details and mutually agree, the contract is signed.

Position Definition and Specification: Bertram & Associates, Inc. actively listens and works in partnership with the employer to understand and assist in defining the position's responsibilities, skill requirements (educational, technical, work experience), and accountabilities. Additional information is gathered on reporting structures, compensation ranges, corporate culture, competitors, challenges ahead, reason for opening, etc.

Search Strategy: Once the position requirements and specifications have been determined, Bertram & Associates, Inc. develops a recruiting strategy to identify and screen for qualified candidates. This may or may not include (and is not limited to) targeting specific companies, our database, our professional network, associations or professional directories, phone calls, email and a decision on whether or not to use job boards. We work with employers to make sure our strategy fits with their expectations.

Execution and Identification: Execution requires essential dialogue between Bertram & Associates, Inc., the candidates and employer. A delay in feedback at any step in the process may result in losing top talent. We work quickly, diligently, and confidentially to identify the most qualified candidates. Sometimes the requirements and specifications change as the search progresses. When this happens, we work with employers to address these changes so momentum is not lost. We conduct interviews via phone or in person (when possible) and screen applicants, identifying only those most qualified.

Attraction and Presentation: Identifying top talent is one thing, but getting top talent to consider a change is another. It is at this point that we become an extension for employers, marketing key attributes of the company, the position, and the culture to candidates. If the candidate(s) feels a mutual interest in the company, we present him or her directly to our employer contact. Feedback is gathered on each candidate, communication is conducted appropriately, and next steps are coordinated (interview, turndown, hold, etc.).

Finalization: After all interviews are completed, we work with employers on reference checks, assessments, and other requirements as agreed upon at the beginning of the search.

Hiring: Bertram & Associates, Inc. will consult with employers on salary expectations, market conditions, extension of the offer, and mediation.

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